My name is Cindy, and I'm the girl behind The Cupcakery. I started selling handmade felt cupcake Christmas ornaments in November, 2007 and named my little shop "The Cupcakery". When Christmas was over, I started making things other than cupcake ornaments to sell, and well... here I am! ;) I like to design & make things for the young & young at heart. My favorite media is felt, but I craft with just about everything! My style is cutesy, whimsical and fun, and it makes people smile. I'm most inspired by my daughter Emmabelle. One day I'd like to open up a brick & mortar shop selling handmade crafts, but for now I enjoy sewing up pretty things at home. I feel blessed that I can stay at home and raise her during the day, and play in my studio while she takes naps! Please check out my shop and contact me if there's something I can make especially for you! I welcome custom & wholesale orders.

♥ love, Cindy


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3 Reasons A Cordless Trimmer Is The Way To Go

With a seemingly endless amount of choice, you may discover yourself questioning whether to go corded or spend a couple of additional pounds on a cordless machine?
We're here to assist with your decision. Whilst both corded and cordless hedge trimmers have their advantages below, we focus on 3 advantages, Flymo cordless hedge trimmers need to provide.

1. Cordless Flexibility

The most obvious advantage of our cordless variety is of course, the freedom they use. Cordless hedge trimmers like the SabreCut XT Cordless 18V are powered using batteries, offering you with the freedom to roam around your garden without the trailing cable televisions. If you've ever found yourself muttering under your breath whilst preventing the wire of your hedge, or even worse accidentally cutting through the cable television (we have actually all been there) a cordless maker may simply be for you.

2. Exceptionally lightweight and simple to use

Total flexibility of motion is also enhanced by the lightweight quality of all Flymo's cordless products. These machines give you the versatility to move quickly around your garden, making trimming both fast and effective. No wires, no fuss! Operation is quick, implying you'll have plenty of time to delight in doing other things in your garden.

3. Quiet Operation

Our cordless products are also much quieter, implying you are working in a more enjoyable environment whilst preserving your hedges. It also gets rid of the requirement (in most cases) to wear ear protectors when in usage. Products such as the Flymo EasiCut Cordless 420's sound pressure level at the operators ear is a lower 71.3 dB(A) than most of electrical and petrol items.