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Shout Out Atlanta: Revolution Doughnuts

I’m subscribed to a bunch of mailing lists about events and restaurants in Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA – my hometown and my home-away-from-home, respectively.  Most of the time, I delete the emails immediately after reading them.  However, sometimes I save the emails about new restaurants opening in both cities because, even though I’m currently living back home in DC, I’m always looking for a reason to go back to Atlanta, especially after seeing how restaurants use their Belgian waffle makers, to visit friends and share a fab meal with them!

I received an email about Revolution Doughnuts and decided to check them out online.  I went to their Facebook page, took a look through their photos and found myself wiping the drool off of my chin! The photo that excited my taste buds? This one:

Source: Revolution Doughnuts’ Facebook Page

Naturally, one of my first stops on my most recent trips to Atlanta was Revolution Doughnuts!  Located in a small store in Decatur, Revolution Doughnuts is “a mom and pop baking company with a passion for making classic American style treats the old fashioned way – by hand – from scratch.” I was excited that there wasn’t a line when I got there, so that I could take my time choosing my treat(s) to kick off a fun-filled weekend in Atlanta!

The case of deliciousness that welcomes you into Revolution Doughnuts!

Of course, I was going to get one of the Peach Sliders that, initially, made me fall in love with these doughnuts (even before tasting one!) But what else would I get??  I scanned the case and was struck by the sweet and salty goodness that I can’t resist – the Bacon & Salted Caramel yeast doughnut! (Yes, you read that correctly!)

The Peach Slider – a sugar-raised yeast doughnut with fresh peaches

Lawd! That doughnut was EVERYTHING!! You hear me?  You would think it would be super sweet with all of the sugar, but it wasn’t! It was just the right amount of sweet! But what really set this thang off was the peaches! BAYBAY, let me tell you! This doughnut didn’t make it home…I had to stop in a Target parking lot to chow down! (I pray no one was watching me eat!    )  The Peach Slider was SO good that 1) I went back for another the next morning AND 2) I showed the photo of the Peach Slider to EVERYONE I saw during my trip!

Bacon & Salted Caramel Yeast Doughnut

Let’s be real guys…you can’t really go wrong with bacon AND caramel!    It’s the perfect balance of salty and sweet, with a soft, not too sweet yeast doughnut!

On my second visit to Revolution Doughnuts, I had the Vanilla Bean yeast doughnut, which was obviously so delicious that I demolished it before BEFORE I could take a photo of it! LOL!

Seriously, if you’re in Atlanta, take the ride over to Decatur and TREAT yourself, don’t CHEAT yourself to the deliciousness at Revolution Doughnuts!Revolution Doughnuts